Change your, water Change your life.

Not all water is created equal.



Since I began to drink this water, I have noticed a total transformation in not only my health, but my life (yes, I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but hear me out!). I feel energized, my digestion problems are completely gone, my appetite has normalized, and I feel clearer mentally.

This water has healed from the inside out.

Kangen machines produce more than drinking water… I wash my face with 6.0pH, and it’s cleared up acne and eczema. The machine has replaced household cleansers, and therefore drastically decreased plastic usage. I use 2.5pH to clean and sanitize. I water my plants with 6.0pH, and my plants are growing so fast as a result. I rinse my fruits + veggies in 11.5pH alkaline water which strips pesticides (even organic pesticides) off of them. I also wash anything greasy in 11.5 and it’s stripped right off. I clean any wounds on my skin or my son’s skin in 2.5 to disinfect. We even travel with the 9.5pH drinking water— even on airplanes since it’s medical grade water\


Kangen water is not like anything else that exists. This is not a filter (although it has one built in to remove chlorine, rust, bacteria, and gunk out of your water). This is not just alkaline water. This is electronically reduced, hydrogen rich performance drinking water. It has preventative and healing effects on the body, including oxidative stress-related and degenerative diseases.

How does it work?

The machine restructures the water through electrolysis. essentially zapping the water (like lightening), isolating h2.


The water has a huge -ORP rating (how anti-oxidants are measured). The human body naturally produces free radicals and antioxidants to counteract their damaging effects. However, in most cases, free radicals far outnumber the naturally occurring antioxidants. Antioxidants benefit the body by neutralizing and removing the free radicals from the bloodstream. Simply put, active hydrogen molecules neutralize active oxygen (free radicals) in your body that cause aging and disease. The more free radicals we neutralize, the more toxins we can effectively flush from our system.


By drinking water that contains fewer molecules, "or micro-clustered water, " such as Kangen Water, you can hydrate your body more quickly and effectively. Micro-clustered water also enhances energy levels and improves your overall aerobic capacity as well as prevents premature aging. Because water molecules are smaller, they are better able to penetrate cell walls and and  "wash away" acidic buildup in your body caused by years of metabolizing food (Essentially, carry oxygen in and waste out.) Kangen water is also easily absorbed into the intestines to eliminate toxins from the colon. 


Being a Kangen Water Distributor, essentially an affiliate, provides financial freedom. Making hundreds to thousands of dollars per sale takes the stress away and allows me to be fully present in my passions, family, art, and things that don’t provide a living. This water changes lives.

If you would like Kangen Water in your life to heal your body from the inside out, provide for your loved ones, reduce your carbon footprint, and become financially abundant then…


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Of course you can own a machine without joining the movement or starting an at home business! The water alone is worth the investment, and the good news is, you can easily change your mind and distribute later on if that calls to you. No need to make any additional purchases. Fill out the form below if you’re interested in owning a machine. Talk soon!

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