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This is my space to help people live more joyful, fulfilling, and elevated lives through holistic living, consciousness, and mindset. Essentially, I’m here to help you level up, break away from mundane, and live an amazing freaking life. It all started after I quit my 9-5 and moved to the beach… after experiencing life “on the other side,” I haven’t been able to stop!

I spend as much time as I can salty and sandy, camera in hand, reading about quantum mechanics + spirituality, eating burritos on the Gulf Coast of Florida with my husband, Ed. I’m an entrepreneur, photographer, life coach, and above all, a mama to my four year old son, Bodie (plus our two dogs, Izzy and Lola).

I love seeing where my intuition takes me, and helping you connect with yours.

I pour my heart into this space; sharing stories, my artwork, and so much more.

Thank you for being here,



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WORK WITH ME + the fam


I chose distributing Kangen Water as my business and the Breakaway Movement as my community…

I wanted safe, alkalized, antioxidant rich water for myself and my family to drink. I wanted to stop bathing in chlorine and chemicals. I wanted a water source that was sustainable and environmentally friendly.

I wanted time, location, and financial freedom; a community of inspired and energized like-minded individuals; and to be able to automate 90% of my work. I wanted more time for my loved ones and passions. I wanted financial abundance while raising my son.

I now get to have all this plus mentor a growing team of individuals who want the same.

Dream. Come. True.

this is your personal invitation to join the movement…

… so we can live life however we want while doing a whole lotta good.

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