There is nothing more helpful that talking with an expert on lifestyle design + entrepreneurship. I leaped off a cliff, done a ton of trial and error, invested in so much education and training, and built a successful brand and lifestyle I love. Now it is your turn!

Why lifestyle + business together?


Because they are one in the same. I strongly believe that a personal brand is so connected with lifestyle, that it’s almost impossible to discuss them both simultaneously. Most people who want to live life on their terms quickly realize that entrepreneurship and developing a personal brand is part of the territory so that they can find a lifestyle that is sustainable and full of passion and purpose. I don’t see how I can talk about either exclusively!

It’s 2019, and more and more people are tired of working and living traditionally. I’m with them. I’m here to help support you, and make that happen!


  • One-on-one 2-hour phone or Skype call

  • One 1-Hour call or Skype two weeks following initial

  • Progress check in email one month later

  • Optional follow-up sessions available

  • discovering your ideal lifestyle and needs

  • Getting crystal clear on goals + action needed

  • Addressing mindset + Limiting beliefs

  • lifestyle + brand strategy development

  • in-depth analysis of blog, Instagram, website, etc.

  • personal brand development and curating your feed

  • coaching and accountability

  • Q+A on IG, photography, content creation, lifestyle, etc.

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Why work with me?

We go deep and focus on the roots.

I am a trained psychologist, holisitic coach, and have years of experience helping individuals develop lives they love and overcome obstacles. Personally, I have developed a brand and lifestyle that excites me... I combine my training, education, and personal experience to help you. There is nothing that excites me more than seeing my community thrive.