Make a Full Time Income from anywhere + be your own boss

We are shifting from an old way of life. No longer do we have to spend our days, months, and years working for the next vacation or retirement. It’s time to unlearn everything you know about earning a living. Dive into my community, and the movement I am so grateful to be a part of.


What is the Breakaway Movement?

An online community created to unite like minded

+ passionate humans from all over the world.



The Breakaway Movement is a training platform designed and created for elevated entrepreneurs who are ready to dive in and learn how to run their own successful online business.

It is made of 800+ members around the globe (and growing daily!) whom support and create with one another. It also serves as your online office essentially, and automates 90% of your work. We care deeply about health and wellness, personal development and mindset training, reducing our carbon footprints, reducing single use plastics, finding complete financial abundance, time and location freedom, designing lives that are full of purpose and passion, and supporting and inspiring those within our community.

This is personal development with a compensation plan attached to it!

What you get when you join…

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Here we will share every ounce of information we have learned to become successful digital marketers, and to promote a product that revolves around environmental sustainability and personal wellbeing. Get ready to become your own boss and breakaway from a space of lack.


Trainings from top social media influencers and successful business owners on health, network marketing, mindset, law of attraction, pinterest and so much more. Courses are updated and content is created fresh each and every month.


Should you decide to become affiliated with our business you will have access to our weekly mastermind calls. Once a week, every week, our entire community comes together to brainstorm, collaborate and further enhance our knowledge on all things business, health and freedom. Join us live to learn from special guests and top earners within our community.


Joining forces with some of the most successful and well known names in social media today, Breakaway Movement has curated a step by step training that will empower you to create and manifest the online brand and audience of your dreams.

The community…

My absolute favorite thing about the Breakaway Movement by far is the BAM Fam (or Breakaway Family, what we call ourselves). It is the most uplifting, inspiring, positive group of like-minded individuals I have ever experienced. After being an entrepreneur on my own for YEARS, it is refreshing to be connected to this amazing group of people.

Our weekly masterminds and team calls are incredible. I seriously feel like I’m on fire when I get off of them. It’s usually when I feel called to do a bunch of work. The inspiration is amazing.

We all care so deeply about becoming better people, raising our vibrations, making the world better, and helping others create their dream lives.

The community is for everyone. All are welcome to join. You do not need to be an influencer, blogger, business owner, etc. We literally teach you EVERYTHING you need to know. We range from at home mamas; married couples; millennials; young individuals just starting out; 30, 40, 50, 60 year olds; photographers, people living in skoolies; college + grad students; digital nomads, Ph.D. students; health coaches; yoga teachers; business owners… this is a global movement. All you truly need is a laptop + WiFi.

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Okay, but how do we actually make money?

Great question. Here’s a dope video that will explain everything…