Let’s Rock the Rest of 2019

Hey guys!!

You know what’s a bit wild? The fact that we are just about halfway through 2019 already. Is that as shocking for you as it is for me? It’s easy to look back at the goals we created for the year, and if they haven’t happened yet, feel really bad about it. To be totally honest, my year has not panned out the way I thought it would, and I’ve recently made a lot of changes. But you know the irony of all this? The actual ideas and the desires that I wanted are unfolding. It’s just the route I’m traveling is not what I anticipated. I feel really good about it, and love how life is full of these little surprises. I fully trust the process.

Okay, so here are my suggestions for how to help you rock the rest of 2019.

1) Work on your space

This is something I’ve actually spent a lot of energy on over the past few months. For awhile, I didn’t give my home’s environment too much thought. We had the big decorated home in New Hampshire, and this apartment has always been a transition place because we knew we’d be on our property in the somewhat near future. So why put effort into a temporary little place that barely has room to have anyone over?

Because our home is supposed to be a place that makes us feel comfortable, relaxed, and inspired. We spend a lot of time in it! For me, I work in my home, and I needed to create an energy that motivates me. This isn’t about spending a ton of money on expensive things though so stick with me.

First, declutter and create space. Get rid of your junk areas. We always have a spot on the kitchen counter that turns into a catch all. It’s not only an eyesore, but seeing it stresses me out. So I’ve been working on new locations for that stuff, being more careful about what gets tossed there, and not just letting things go to die that end up there.

Next up, get some plants. Our little apartment has turned into somewhat of a jungle, and I love it. Plants are affordable ways to decorate. They purify the air we breathe making our home a healthier environment, and they improve our mental wellbeing. Research has show that leafy green plants are able to boost our mood, enhance creativity, and decrease stress.

If you struggle with keeping plants alive, check out a snake plant. They’re air purifying plants that don’t need to be watered often, and are quite hardy. Believe it or not, I got mine on Amazon! It arrived beautifully. You can get yours here.

The time and energy that you put into your space will benefit you tenfold.

2) Shift your money mindset

Money is something I want to talk a lot more about. Most of us don’t have the best relationship with money. I have personally had a difficult time with it, and this is the year that I have been changing my beliefs and working towards abundance and greater security in my life. The number one thing that people stress over is money. And the number one thing that couples fight over is money. Being low on funds creates stress, damages relationships, and leaves us feeling totally stuck and helpless. Our identities and self-esteem are also shaped by our bank accounts, and that’s not healthy.

I started reading Deepak Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws to Success, as it was recommended by several individuals. I also began to really dive into the Law of Attraction, and understanding that if I focus on being broke, I’ll be broke. If I focus my energy on what I want, what I’m grateful for, and the idea that I am deserving of abundance and a lifestyle that I want it will manifest itself over time with appropriate action. I now welcome money to flow in and out of my life rather than stress over it.

I challenge you this year to address your own money mindset as well. Check out Seven Spiritual Laws of Success; google Law of Attraction; and start being aware of your beliefs.

3) Create a new income stream

And speaking of money…

I highly recommend creating multiple sources of income, especially passive income streams. Mindset is all about how we think, but we also have to take some more action. If you want to reduce financial stress and increase financial security, it’s incredibly helpful to not just rely on one source. I believe that creating a source where you’re your own boss is the way to go. So if you have a 9-5, you may have some side work that you do on your own. Or maybe you don’t work a 9-5, and you have 6 sources of income. It’ll look different for everyone.

Let me mention this: You have something to offer this world that you can be compensated for. What do you like to do? Turn a hobby or something you enjoy into something you get paid for. There is a market for EVERYTHING, especially if you use the internet and social media to connect with others.

If you are curious about my streams of income, here you go:

  • I promote health, wealth, and freedom based living by sharing Kangen Water Machines as an independent distributor.

  • I consult with individuals who want to change their lifestyles and create a personal brand.

  • I create content for lifestyle + wellness brands most often for them to share on their social media channels, online marketing, websites, and so forth. This works by them sending me products or me going to a location and shooting photo packages for them.

  • I create sponsored Instagram posts for brands that I love and align with my message.

  • I photograph families on the beach! People vacation where I live, and often if they follow me on social media, they ask me to photograph their families when they are here. Sometimes I create custom artwork and albums as well for them.

  • I sell my art in my print shop. I have a whole blog post about how to do this!

  • I work with Amazon Affiliates to share products I personally love with my community.

It’s a bit all over the place, but having this variety keeps me interested.

How would life be different if you had more cash flowing into your life? What could you do that would bring in extra money every week without draining a ton of time?

You can easily put some of this into place for the remainder of 2019.

4) Focus on one new healthy habit

We all know something we could do that would benefit our health, but when we focus on too many at once, it becomes unattainable.

Ask yourself: What is one thing that you could do moving forward for the remainder of the year that would benefit your health? For me, I have personally struggled to maintain my yoga practice this year. I’ve been so focused on work, Bodie, even the dogs, that it just somehow ends up being 11pm everyday and I didn’t carve out that time. Prioritizing yoga and building practices into my schedule is a healthy habit I am focusing on.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Get an extra hour of sleep every night.

  • Take a walk every day either before work, during lunch, or in the evenings. Or even two shorter walks per day.

  • Decrease your phone usage. See if you can cut back screen time.

  • Start a yoga practice. Attend a local class two times per week.

  • Start meditating for 5 minutes every day.

  • Eat a fresh and colorful salad 5x a week.

  • Drink green juice daily.

  • Replace certain foods + products you use often with organic versions.

  • Do something that makes you sweat multiple times per week.

  • Stop drinking tap water and bottled water and start drinking some for of purified water or Kangen water.

5) Be wise about who you hang with

As Jim Rohn said, “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I like to think of it like the Celestine Prophecy… people either steal our energy or we vibe higher with them. The people we spend the most time with matter deeply. How do those individuals make you feel? Do you feel energized, positive, and inspired by them? Do they leave you feeling anxious or doubtful? Do they support you when you need a boost, and do they genuinely cheer you on when you succeed? The latter there is incredibly important, and I have personally cut people out of my life who I know aren’t happy for me when I’m doing well.

Write down who you spend the most time with, and think about how they make you feel. Connect with inspired and positive individuals. If you can’t find them, start doing different things and connecting with new people… and most importantly, be open to welcoming them into your life (more Law of Attraction here).


That’s it! Let me know if you choose to take any of this on as we move into the second half of the year. I’d love to hear about it below!

All the best.

With love,