Radiate Good Vibes

I’ve always relied heavily on the vibes that I receive to make choices. I know that this isn’t for everyone, but hear me out for a moment. You’re reading this anyway, so may as well stick around. ;)

Simply put:

Everything is energy.

Energy has a frequency.

We are also energy, and raising our vibrations is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

A high vibration is linked to happiness, heath, and wellbeing. A low vibration is linked to sadness, low energy, and sickness.

One of the most powerful ways that we can vibe higher is by being kind to ourselves. What you say to yourself matters. Make it your mission to accept and love yourself. Sadly, it doesn’t come easy to most of us, and we have to work on it.

Our intentions, our guiding principles that dictate why we are showing up, also matter. Good intentions have a ripple effect not only on ourselves, but the energy all around us (our environment, other people, animals, and so forth).

The food we fill our bodies up with matters as well. Some foods vibrate higher, and others, not so much. High vibrational foods are organic fruits and veggies, green juice, chlorella and spirulina, raw cacao, honey, coconut oil, quinoa, and Kangen water. Low vibrational foods are refined, processed, fried, alcohol, soda, anything microwaved, bottled and tap water, soda, meats, and fast foods. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but try to add as many higher vibrational foods as you can, and minimize the lower ones.

Get plenty of sunlight, walk barefoot everyday on the earth, swim in fresh water, and fill your home with plants.

Practice gratitude daily. A gratitude journal will do wonders. Every night before bed, jot down three very specific things that happened that day that you are grateful for.

Meditate daily. The busier you are, the more meditation time you need (I know, so annoying, right?). If you can’t carve out the time though, do walking meditations. For example, as you walk from the car to your front door, walk slowly… feel how each step really feels in your body, notice how you feel when your foot connects, notice how your weight shifts, what you hear, see, and so forth. Build in these mini mediation sessions on the go and you’ll notice you feel a lot better!

Make time to breath deeply. There are even apps you can put on your phone to guide you through breath work! Most of us are taking short and shallow breaths, and we need to retrain our bodies to breathe deeply.

Hang out with people who give off good vibes. Keep you distance and set boundaries with people who don’t. Don’t be afraid to move on from old relationships that aren’t serving you.

Spend time daily day dreaming without reeling yourself in. Allow yourself to dream big, and visualize where you’d like to go in life.

Give to others. See if you can do some small random acts of kindness a few times a week. Buy someone coffee (or green juice), help a friend out, donate to something you care about, and so forth. What you give out will come back.

Hug an animal!

With love and good vibes,


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