Why stay trapped when the door is wide open?

My husband and I have these amazing talks whenever we drive in the car together. Recently I said something along the lines of the following… “I have a hard time understanding why people stay put in jobs that suck their soul, environments that are toxic, relationships that are harmful, and so forth. Don’t they see that the door is wide open, and if they want to get out they can?? Why do we humans do this to ourselves?”

Short answer: because the unknown is scary as hell.

Long answer:

Humans love comfort and predictability. We want a guarantee before we even start that it will all work out. We want to proof.

We convince ourselves that our dreams aren’t worth it, or that we’re somehow naive, less capable than other people, too old, too late, too poor, too whatever… we mentally close the door on our potential for a spectacular life.

I know I did it. I thought I was stuck and too old (at 30, LOL) to live the life I wanted to live. You know what I asked myself? “What about the unknown am I so afraid of that I am willing to let my dreams die?” Looking dumb? Judgement of others? Failure?

The fucking door is wide open.

You can do or create anything you want in life. You can do a total 180. You can change career paths. You can move across the world. You can walk away from toxicity. You (yes, YOU) can make a shit ton of money.

The unknown is littered with limitless potential for greatness. And so are you.

Start believing it. Walk through the door. Don’t look back.

Or those dreams will die… And that is guaranteed.