Can We Clear the Air?

clear the air.jpg

Hey guys,

I need to get real with you all and clear the air on some stuff I’ve been thinking about lately, but have been a little afraid to share outright. Today’s post is intended to do just that.

Let me say a few things first. This is in no way trying to win approval, justify anything, receive validation, or anything of the like. This is simply to share because I think staying transparent and open with you all is of utmost importance.

Okay, here we go:


I have been fully immersed in studying human consciousness, energy work, alignment, and the law of attraction. It has fully transformed my approach to life, work, relationships, and wellbeing… and so it makes sense that I’d need my personal blog to follow suit. I have touched on the subject here or there, but I wanted to come right out and tell you that this is something I will be talking about in much greater detail as we move forward.

Honestly, I think I have been worried that people wouldn’t take me seriously, that it would be perceived as too woo-woo in thinking (especially for someone with a doctorate), and just something that my community wouldn’t relate to. It’s been about 6 months that I have been studying the subject intensely, and I trust that this is the right direction for me.


I fully understand how much my direction and path have shifted and evolved, and that may be confusing to my audience and community. I never had a plan. I started this blog and my Instagram as a way to share about yoga and holistic health while living in New Hampshire and needing an outlet, which turned into my move to the beach and documenting the craziest thing I’ve ever done (quitting the 9-5 and moving to the Gulf Coast with a baby), to photography which was just a form of expression for me that turned into a business, to where I am today...

I get that that is crazy maybe from a business/personal brand stand point because consistency is key. Evolving publicly is not easy. I am super proud of my ability to follow my intuition which has led me here, but I know it hasn’t been the best decision for growing a brand. I am okay with that.


I want to let those who no longer resonate with me know that it is cool, and I love them anyway. It’s impossible to resonate with everyone, and by trying, you resonate with no one. I’m sure there are a million other blogs or Insta’s they can follow that they do relate to! I trust that as I follow this new direction, those who resonate will come my way, and things will grow as they’re meant to be.


That I am not even close to figuring things out (is anyone?), but for the first time in my life I feel like I fully understand what I want to do and what lights me up, and that is helping people get into alignment, live the most amazing life ever, and be happy, healthy, and abundant. While I danced around my purpose for a very long time, it' hasn’t been until recently that I fully comprehended it (although I was not aware of this at the time).


That my work with the Breakaway Movement and as a Kangen Water Distributor has fully fostered this new direction and personal development in my life. I respect that not everyone will understand why I made this move for myself, my family, our lifestyle, and this business, and that is 100% okay. I am super proud to work with a company that supports the zero-waste lifestyle, sustainability, environmentalism, health, wellness, abundance, and happiness. If I haven’t fully expressed that, I wanted to right now!

Alright, that felt so good to share! And I feel so EXCITED about what is to come and where I am going. Don’t be afraid to reinvent your story, change directions, change careers, change your mind, be vulnerable, and so forth.

Be curious. Keep an open mind.

With so much LOVE,